Donate/CSR partnerships

RLEK facilitates targeted actions for overall development of marginalised groups and facilitates corporates to invest in such causes. Efforts are made by the organization to conceive strategies so that partners can become effective partakers in the process of social change. RLEK has been furthering the cause of Corporate Social Responsibility by facilitating companies and banks to fulfill their objectives in this arena. State Bank of India donated a mini school bus and 9 computers for RLEK schools while ONGC has promised to build boundary wall, gate and toilets for RLEK’s Van Gujjar school in Mohand.

Quality assurance

RLEK management plays an important role in guiding the organization towards attaining its’ vision. The financial and the Project Planning Matrix and timeline for each project is reviewed and approved by the management. They help the organization in planning, organizing, leading and controlling the efforts of organization and of using all organizational resource to achieve organizational goals. They contribute to the development of programme strategies and support advocacy and leveraging with regional and national level leaders. They also contribute to the preparedness plan relevant to the project, monitoring the implementation of activities and their periodic review.

Regular reports and updates pertaining to interventions are shared. Meetings and dialogues with the target group are held which ensure the quality of the intervention undertaken. All the activities and the overall planning of the interventions are undertaken incorporating the target groups suggestions and views. The interventions proposed are need based and customized for the project states and target group. The tools for evaluation of the programme are participatory and ensure the sustainability, effectiveness and replicability of the programme. Such a process ensures milestones planned are being achieved and provide regular updates and information to all stakeholders on progress of the project. A Project Steering Committee is formed under each project comprising of senior management and domain experts of RLEK, who screen and approve the financial Project Planning Matrix (PPM) designed on the basis of LFA, and the timeline. The project is reviewed by the Project Steering Committee on quarterly basis and is monitored against the matrix. The project is also monitored at the field level by the team to ensure the implementation of the project as per the output. After the approval, disbursement of funds is made to the Project team ensuring proper utilization and accountability against financial PPM. The finance department of RLEK monitors the overall allocation and disbursement of program funds, ensuring that funds are properly coordinated, monitored and liquidated. It takes appropriate actions to optimize use of programme funds, monitors and submits financial status reports to management in compliance with the regulations and guidelines.

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